Power Equipment Since 1981


Welcome to our Transmission Lines Division, where we deliver reliable and efficient solutions for your power transmission needs. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of success, we bring the same level of expertise and dedication that you've come to expect from our Electrical Substations Division.

Our Services

Design and Engineering:

Our team of skilled engineers and designers are equipped to handle the complexities of transmission line projects. From route planning to structural analysis, we ensure that every aspect of the design is optimized for performance and durability.

Construction and Installation:

Building upon our extensive experience in the energy sector, we specialize in the construction and installation upto 400 kV transmission Lines. Safety, quality, and timely execution are at the forefront of our operations.

Testing and Maintenance:

Beyond installation, we offer comprehensive testing services to guarantee the integrity and functionality of our transmission lines.

Why Choose Our Transmission Lines Division?


Backed by years of industry experience, our Project management team possesses the knowledge and skills to tackle even the most complex transmission projects including Right of way, Forest, and other statutory approvals.


We adhere to the highest standards of quality throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring that our transmission lines perform optimally and withstand the test of time.


Embracing innovation, we incorporate cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices into our solutions, providing you with state-of-the-art transmission systems.


We are dedicated to delivering results that exceed the expectations of our customers. Your satisfaction is our driving force.